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Jump Higher, Run Faster, and Less Ankle Injuries

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Ankle bounces are a great and easy way to increase your vertical jump, help you run faster, all while making your ankle resistant to injury.

Stage 1 Goal: Double Leg Ankle Bounces 3 sets for 30 seconds

Stage 2 Goal: Alternating Single Leg Ankle Bounces 3 sets for 30 seconds

Stage 3 Goal: Single Leg Ankle Bounces 2 sets for 30 seconds


  • To start out go for as long as you can for your first set while maintaining perfect form. If you need to hold onto something or use an assisted band that's fine.

  • You shouldn't feel sore or burnt out with doing these as you are trying to use your Achilles tendon as much as possible. If you feel pain or tired stop.

  • Only get about 3 inches or less of the ground with minimal knee bend as we are trying to isolate the ankle joint.

  • You can also do this exercise barefoot on grass but don't do barefoot on a hard surface like concrete.

If you have any other questions let us know or visit our website or our YouTube Channel High Jump Help for more content.

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