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Doing the Penultimate Step Correctly

When it comes to the high jump, the penultimate step is one of the most important elements to get right. This is the second-to-last step in the approach run before the takeoff, and it can make or break a successful jump.

The penultimate step is crucial because it sets up the takeoff step, which is where the athlete will jump off the ground and over the bar. If the penultimate step is too short, the athlete won't have enough momentum to make it over the bar. On the other hand, if the penultimate step is too long, the athlete will have to slow down before the takeoff, which will also decrease the chances of clearing the bar.

To execute the penultimate step properly, the athlete needs to have good rhythm and timing in their approach run. They should take a short, quick step with their non-takeoff foot while driving their takeoff leg forward and up in preparation for the jump. This will set up a powerful takeoff step and maximize the athlete's momentum going into the jump.

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