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3 More Plyometric Drills To Add 5 Inches To Your Vertical (High Jump)

3 MORE Plyometric Drills To Help You Add 5+ Inches On Your Vertical 1. Pogo Hops Jumping as high as you can off two feet repeatedly for 30 seconds. Making sure your heels are not touching the ground and getting off the ground as quick as possible.

2. Power Skips With a little run into it jump as high as you can and switching which foot you jump from each time. The goal is to feel springy so don't try to use too much muscle to achieve more height.

3. Sprinting Yes, sprinting will help you jump higher. Keep the sprints short distance with plenty of rest. Quality > Quantity & Volume. Think max intent with every rep. If you want more on specific workout plans to jump higher for high jump check out this page (Free High Jump 101 Introduction)

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