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New Course! "How to Scissor Kick - Pass India's Police High Jump Requirement"

Pass India’s Police High Jump Exam Course

High Jump Help has created an E-Course around how to scissor kick to pass India's Police High Jump Requirement by popular request. You can try out a free sample of Module 2 below:

The full course can be found here:

This course will cover an introduction, which discusses High Jump Help’s mission, the 4 Baby Steps of High Jump, and the Top 3 Mistakes made in the high jump. We will also discuss a plan to pass India’s Police high jump requirement and go in-depth on each of the 3 Baby Steps that apply to that plan. Lastly, we will talk about the recommended training schedule to prepare for the high jump test.

Course Agenda:

1. Introduction

  • a. Course Agenda

  • b. Credentials / High Jump Help’s Mission

  • c. Learning Objectives

  • d. Top 3 Mistakes in High Jump

2. How to Pass India’s Police High Jump Requirement

  • a. Course Agenda

  • b. Follow Baby Steps #1, 2, and 3 (modified)

  • c. Practice it.

3. Baby Step #1 – The Approach

  • a. Course Agenda

  • b. Baby Step #1 Overview

  • c. Measured Out

  • d. Consistent – Find a Rhythm

  • e. Start with a tight Corner

  • f. 7 steps to finding a high jump approach

  • g. Drills

4. Baby Step #2 – The Takeoff

  • a. Course Agenda

  • b. Baby Step #2 overview

  • c. 45-degree foot placement

  • d. Last three steps are quick

  • e. Proper Penultimate Step

  • f. Shoulders away from the bar

  • g. Drills

5. Baby Step #3 – Knee Drive (modified)

  • a. Course Agenda

  • b. Baby Step #3 (modified) overview

  • c. Drive Knee to the bar

  • d. Keep heel underneath the knee

  • e. Cycle Jump Leg Through

  • f. Drills

6. 6-Week Training Schedule

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