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How Jumping Off a Box Helps you High Jump and Scissor Kick Correctly

Hello and welcome to this high jump quick tip episode. Today we will discuss the 5 advantages of using a box in your high jump practices and how it helps athletes jump higher.

First off, let's discuss what a box used for high jumping should look like. There are two main options, a homemade box or one bought online. The peak height of the box should be about 7” off the ground. The most important part of designing or buying a box is to ensure it does not slip during takeoff.

Next, let’s discuss how to angle the box. The box should always be at a 45-degree angle to the mat because it mimics the 45-degree angle an athlete’s foot should be in during the takeoff.

Now here are the 5 Advantages of using a box

1) It gives the athlete something to visualize during the approach which helps them plant in the correct location.

2) It shows the athlete the 45-degree angle their takeoff foot should be at during the plant.

3) It quickens the athlete’s last two steps helping the athlete feel their penultimate step.

4) It gives the athlete more time in the air to exaggerate their knee drive.

5) It gives the athlete more time in the air to practice holding their backend.

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