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High Jump Video Analysis - How to Fix Your Approach

0:00 Introduction to the 4 High Jump Baby Steps

1:02 Video Analysis

4:28 Suggested High Jump Drills

5:04 Submit your Videos for a Free Review on Youtube

5:15 Educational Opportunity with the High Jump 101 E-Course

1) Introduction

a. Hello and welcome to this high jump analysis video brought to you by High Jump Help.

2) Free Review of videos

a. High jump help will analyze your high jump videos for free. Please send your videos to for a chance to have your video reviewed for free on YouTube like this one.

3) High Jump Baby Steps

a. When analyzing videos, we always use the 4 Baby Steps of High Jump, High Jump Helps proven framework to learn how to high jump

  1. b. Approach

  2. c. Takeoff

  3. d. Knee Drive

  4. e. Overbar Mechanics

b. The high jump baby steps are in order of importance and each baby step builds off the others, so always do them in order. While coaching, remember a person can only focus on one coaching cue at a time, so while coaching prioritize what one cue you tell your athlete by working through the 4 Baby Steps. Start with the approach and end at the overbar mechanics.

4) Analysis of the Jump

· Approach

o Athlete is too far away from the bar. As you can see the athlete is coming down on the bar and he is too close to the standard during his takeoff. I would tell this athlete to move one shoe up in his approach.

· Takeoff

o Next let’s look at his takeoff. Initially, it looks really good. His shoulders are away from the bar and his plant is at a 45-degree angle of the mat. The athlete can do a better job with their arms though. Notice how his left arm starts driving towards the bar instead of up towards the sky. You will notice he hits the bar with his left shoulder. If their approach was on, I would tell this athlete to think about driving their arms up towards an imaginary basketball rim.

· Knee Drive

o Now we will look at the knee drive. The athlete’s knee drive is very good and I do not have any corrections on it. Notice how his knee is driven to the height of the bar and across his body.

· Overbar Mechanics – backend

o Lastly the let’s look at the overbar mechanics know better as the backbend. Again, I do not have any corrections to his backbend. He does a good job of driving his arm down on the backside of the bar. Notice how his arm almost touches his foot. He also does a great job of holding that backbend.

5) Recommended Drills

· Now let’s talk about what the athlete should work on in practice.

o The first drill I would have this athlete work on is full approach run-throughs, see a link to the video on your screen. Since the approach is the first High Jump Baby Step, we want to make sure that is correct and consistent before moving on.

o The second drill I would have the athlete work on are basketball rim touches, see a link to the video on your screen. When doing the basketball rim touches you want the athlete to think above touching the back of their inside hand to the rim, backboard, or net. This helps the athlete feel how they are supposed to be jumping.

6) 2nd reminder Free Video Analysis

a. A second reminder that High jump help will analyze your high jump videos for free. Please send your videos to to have your video reviewed for free.

7) Conclusion / High Jump 101 E-Course

· If you are interested in educating yourself in the high jump and learning more about the 4 Baby Steps of High Jump check out the High Jump 101 E-Course. A link is below in the description. You can try out the introduction to the E-Course for free by clicking on the video on your screen. For more free resources subscribe to our YouTube channel or visit our website, Facebook page, or Instagram. All the links are in the description below.



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Nikhil sharma
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