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Best Cross Training for High Jumpers

Here are some examples of perfect cross-training opportunities for high jumpers that are fun and different. Use these cross-training opportunities in your jump practices.


- By far the best cross-training for high jumpers, and arguably one of the best workouts for high jumpers. Basketball provides frequent jumping and a cardio workout. It also trains lateral movements which help ankle and knee strength. That is important in the high jump because it is one of the few track and field events where you aren’t running in a straight line.


- Another great option for high jumpers since it involves frequent jumping. Sand volleyball is the best since it offers some resistance while jumping and strengthens feet and ankles while playing. Ankle stability is crucial for preventing injuries in the high jump.


- Spikeball offers a cardio workout and a lot of lateral jumping to strengthen ankle and knee stability. Spikeball takes significant hand-eye coordination which helps athletes have better body awareness. The best high jumpers have great body awareness and coordination which Spikeball trains.


- With all of the jumping done during gymnastic floor routines, it only makes sense that it would be a perfect cross-training exercise for the high jump. Practicing floor routines on the springboard floor even offers less impact on an athlete’s legs.

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