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Beginner and Advanced Hurdle Mobility Drills

Hurdle mobility drills can be a great way to help you jump higher, run faster, and reduce the possibility for injury. Stronger hips muscles lead to better balance, fewer injuries, and better explosive motions. The hips connect the top half of the body to the lower half of the body, so strength in this area is critical for athletes.

Beginner Hurdle Mobility Routine

  • Walkovers

  • Continuous Walkovers

  • Can-Cans

  • Over-Under

If those are too easy or you're looking for more advanced hurdle mobility drills check out our advanced hurdle mobility video down below.

Advanced Hurdle Mobility Routine

  • Over-Back

  • Backwards Walkovers

  • Backwards Continuous Walkovers

These advanced mobility drills are not only a great way to continue strengthening your hips but will also help your body with mind muscle connection and body coordination.

If you are interested in learning more check out our website to find all out courses that will teach you everything you need to know about being a high jumper. From the run-up to over the bar mechanics and even how you should train during off season and in season.

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