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Alternative Workouts for Injured Athletes

Injuries are the most frustrating part of the sport of track and field. With athletes pushing their bodies to their limits, injuries, unfortunately, do occur. So, if you do have an injured athlete what do you do?

Below are good alternative workouts for injured athletes. These workouts can be used as preventative workouts as well. Keeping these options in the back of your mind will help keep athletes competing at a high level.


○ The pool is the #1 tool used for injured athletes. The pool offers a great muscular workout with little to no impact on joints, tendons, and ligaments. It also is a great preventative way to perform jumping workouts.

Here are two free pool workout routines for you:


○ The bike is most commonly used as an alternative to running on running days. The bike is great when athletes are just coming back from injuries or it can be used preventatively in the season to the lessen impact of running on athlete’s legs.


○ Sand lessens the impact on athletes' legs when doing jump workouts or sprint drills. The best advantage of sand is that it also strengthens athletes' ankles and feet which can help prevent many different injuries.


○ Turf and grass, in most cases, are softer than the track. Having athletes warm up in the grass can help drop the impact on legs. There are many alternative workouts that can be done on a soccer or football field that mirror many track and field sprint workouts.

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