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A Program Isn't Enough

What is meant by this is that having a perfect lifting, running, or jumping program does not mean success for your athlete. A program is certainly the best place to start as it gives a firm foundation to build on. It is only the foundation though.

A program offers strength, speed and instills a good work ethic, but it does not offer mental, social, emotional, and spiritual aspects crucial for your athlete’s success on the track, but most importantly off the track. As a coach, you are responsible for so much more than the physical aspect of your athlete. Think about all the successful people in the world that had one person change their life. That is, you!

It affects their performance on the track or field too! If your athlete is having a tough time at home or just went through a breakup, how do they perform? How are they channeling that emotion? Sometimes it is good and other times it is bad. How are you going to help your athletes grow in all aspects of their life today? It will help them on the track or field but more importantly in their everyday life. Now that is winning!

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