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Here are 4 exercises you need to be doing to stop shin splints

1. Ankling 1 set of 30 seconds or revolutions each foot that should be done everyday in your warm up. This will help warm up the muscles and joints in your feet, ankles, and lower legs by ensuring proper blood flow before activity.

2. Heel Walks done with 1 set of 24 steps for each angle: Toes forward, Toes inward, and Toes outward. This exercise can be done everyday and is a great exercise for strengthening the lower leg muscle know as the tibialis anterior where most sources of shin splints come from.

3. Weighted Toe Raises or Tibialis Raise Variation. These should be done at 3 different angles for 3x25 reps each foot. Similar to heel walks this exercises works on strengthening the lower tibialis muscle more.

If you don’t have access to weight equipment try this tibialis raise variation. The best part about this exercise is it can be done with just your body and a wall and you control how difficult the reps are.

4. Bosu ball or balance mat stability 3x30 seconds This helps strengthen all the joints, ligaments, and muscles from the knee down. If you don’t have access to these equipment try using a pillow or folding up some sweatshirts or blankets to stand on.

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