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3 Plyometric Drills To Add 5 Inches To Your Vertical (High Jump)

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Here are 3 Plyometric Drills To Help You Add 5+ Inches On Your Vertical

1. Standing Broad Jump

Pick a spot on the ground as a starting point and from there jump as far out as possible from 2 feet while also landing on 2 feet. This is a great exercise to increase explosiveness and can be easily done with no equipment.

2. Continuous Broad Jump

Just like the first plyometric drill but instead you're going to do 3 of them in a row. This will help with elasticity in your muscles because you're trying to jump farther and faster with each successive jump.

3. Single Leg Bounding

With a little run into this exercise start bounding on each leg making sure to jump as quick and as high as you can off the ground. This exercise is perfect for single leg jumpers who want to get stronger ankles, legs, and better timing to jump higher our one foot.

If you want more on specific workout plans to jump higher for high jump check out this page (Free High Jump 101 Introduction)

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